We are a team of experienced developers, marketers, and fellow crypto traders who are passionate about DeFi and want to contribute something positive to this space.
We've experienced the highs and lows of BSC & DeFi just like you have, and we know the stress of trying to suss out which project is trustworthy, which devs have good intentions, which protocol or new contract might get exploited next. The list goes on and on.
Rugged? Yes, we've been rugged too. Slow Rugged? One too many times, my good fellow.
To be blunt, we are disgusted by the rugging & scamming. We've seen first hand how it can affect people (real humans, with real lives!) and how it's negatively affecting this new exciting world of DeFi that we all love so much. We would never, ever scam or steal anyones money. Period. In fact we can't fathom how anyone can do such a thing and continue to look at themselves in the mirror each day with any shred of self worth. We want to do our part to elevate the DeFi community and contribute something positive to this space.
Trust, Hard Work, And Positive Vibes towards the DeFi Community. That's what we stand for.
We built Lagoon to be a safe, fair, fun, and positive environment for like minded DeFI farmers to stack and earn with peace of mind.
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