OK so it's not actually a roadmap: it's a to-do list, in no particular order, with no particular timeline. This is how we work: as fast as we can, on the things we can. Pivoting is a way of life.
  • Build Website
  • Deploy Lagoon Contracts
  • Launch Farms
  • Underway - 96hr Launch Party with Bonus Farming Rewards
  • Underway - Initial Marketing Push
Next Phase
  • Launch Hodler Rewards Pools
  • Launch AMM (V2 Swap & Liquidity) page
  • Launch Lottery
  • NFTs for Bonus Farming Rewards (Gamification)
  • Website & Branding Upgrade (Lagoon V2)
  • DEX
  • Vaults & Novel Earning Protocol Development
  • Moon
  • Mars
  • 4th Dimension
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