Approximate Launch Time: Wednesday May 26 @ 1pm UTC
Launch Overview
  • Fair Launch, No Presale.
  • 20K tokens minted at launch.
  • All 20K initial minted LAGOONS will be used for initial liquidity.
  • $1 Starting price.
Launch Plan
  • Initial Liquidity will be added and the token will be officially for sale.
  • Website update will be pushed to enable farming.
  • Farming will start within approximately 1 hour of launch.
Wen Irdrop?
  • Ask Comino
Bonus Farming Rewards for Launch
  • First 48 hours x2 Farming Rewards (2 LAGOON per block)
  • Next 48 hours x1.5 Farming Rewards (1.5 LAGOON per block)
  • Then 1x rewards (1 per block) ongoing until further notice, with possible further reductions in the future.
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