Lagoon Token


  • Token Name: LagoonToken
  • Token Symbol: LAGOON
  • Contract Address: 0x0a42f69faa5a8276e12ab716ea19bf9cbb52a2b8
  • Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
  • Max Supply: Unlimited

Transfer Tax

  • Transfer Tax Rate of 3% per transfer.
  • 1.6% to Auto Burn.
  • 1.4% to the Lagoon team wallet for marketing, development, partnerships, and team members. Team members are free to sell tokens as they see fit, but have pledged to do so in a way that is NOT harmful to the project. Nobody works for free :)

Emission Rate

  • 1 LAGOON / block
  • 0% of emissions to the dev team wallet